KC Rawlings-Church

KC Rawlings-Church, CNHP

KC has a passion for Alternative Medicine that came on strong & unexpectedly after years of misdiagnosis, antibiotics, long-term medications, and a rapidly worsening quality of life. When KC was introduced to alternative medicine, it didn’t quite make sense at first, but this is where she finally had answers to questions she’d been asking for years. Upon taking the results she’d obtained back to her medical doctor they began testing for things brought to light as possibilities through the Alternative scans. It was confirmed, she had Lyme Disease and many other co-infections causing the Auto Immune disorders and other complications she’d been experiencing. She was presented with 2 options. Pills & Surgeries or look towards Alternative Medicine.

This is where the passion grew into something that was much more than herself. During the healing process and this ongoing journey, with the help of some friends & some amazing mentors, KC was able to research, learn, and go back to school with the dream of helping others who are caught in the cobwebs of symptom suppression.

Today KC practices in her hometown at our Knoxville, IA location as a Certified Natural Healthcare Professional under Dr. Shannon White D.C., DABCA, Chiropractic in Motion & Holistic Health, Urbandale.

KC‘s advice; “Trust your body & look 10 levels under the surface! God made our bodies perfect in his image. If they aren’t healing the way they were designed, there is likely something in there and simply finding that root cause could be a life changer. Trust yourself, you know your body! Don’t give up.