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Ozone therapy has been a very popular topic throughout the chronic illness community. Medically used ozone has been a tool to sanitize medical supplies and help various conditions for decades. It has also been used to treat infections. Over time health practitioners and scientists have found that mixing this natural gas found from within the Earth with oxygen creates treatments with profound benefits and healing capabilities.

Ozone therapy has now been used by health and medical professionals for more than 150 years, with benefits shown for a variety of health problems ranging from autoimmune diseases to infections (viral and bacterial).


What Is Ozone Therapy And How Would It Help Me?

We have found that Ozone has medical use to safely help with a variety of health concerns. It’s an effective treatment that can be used for chronic
illnesses such as Lyme disease, mold exposure, autoimmune disease, cancer, and more. It’s non-invasive and non-toxic! It’s created using unaltered,
elemental oxygen gas with a Quartz glass electric discharge gradient. It’s mixed with your own blood and then delivered using medical-grade tubing
(similar to getting an IV). Ozone helps oxygenate your body to modulate the immune system to further support healing.

Ozone is a highly reactive form of oxygen that consists of three oxygen molecules instead of two. The molecular structure of ozone is highly reactive and unstable and creates a curative response in the body by stimulating your own immune system to destroy any harmful substances or foreign bodies. As a result, oxygen ends up providing the body with more cellular energy!

Ozone can be administered and entered into the body in a number of different ways: directly injected into the point of pain or disease or into the blood, which allows this readily available oxygen to do its work. It can be administered through the ears, nose, rectum, bladder, vaginally, intramuscularly, through IV or subcutaneously.


10 Benefits Of Ozone Therapy

1. Improved Immune System

Ozone therapy can improve your immune system to fight off infection. Ozone can boost your immune system to reduce inflammation. Many people suffer from conditions that regularly cause areas of the body to become inflamed. Inflammatory markers are often found in the blood of people who suffer from asthma. Inflammation can lead to an imbalance between free radicals and antioxidants in the body, which health professionals refer to as oxidative stress. This type of stress is associated with pain and discomfort. People who regularly receive ozone therapy regularly report having reduced inflammation that typically comes from oxidative stress. Ozone therapy keeps inflammation manageable which also keeps inflammatory conditions such as arthritis and Crohn’s disease under control. When speaking of Ozone, people tend to think of the Earth. To many’s surprise, it is also a powerful antioxidant. The antioxidative properties within Ozone help heal the damage caused by persistent inflammation. The healing of the body and human DNA reduces the overall risk of infection or disease. In 2014 researchers concluded that ozone-related therapy is a legitimate option for inflammation treatment. Many chronic inflammatory diseases and immune-related disorders can significantly improve through ozone therapy.

2. Antibacterial, Antifungal, And Antiviral Abilities

Over time bacteria have learned and adapted to resist antibiotics. Scientists constantly seek ways to prevent and find better treatments for fungal, viral, and bacterial infections. Continued studies of ozone found that it contains a layer of infection-control properties. Ozone therapy can solely resolve some acute bacterial infections. In the case of a tick bite, Ozone may help the infection within 48 hours.

3. Can Revert Brain Tissue Damage

After a person has suffered from a stroke, which deprives the brain of oxygen supply, ozone can help the healing process. The area of the brain that becomes damaged is known as the penumbra. The best course of action to reduce the damage is to restore the oxygen as quickly as possible. Interestingly enough, a study in 2012 found that a mix of oxygen and ozone gasses supplied to the brain tissue not only stopped further damage but reverted the brain to its original state.

4. Reduced Risk Of Repeat Heart Attacks

For people who have suffered from heart attacks, it is not uncommon for a heart attack to occur a second or third time. Evidence has been found that Ozone therapy can significantly reduce the chances of a repeat heart attack. This is the development of dead tissue from the lack of oxygen or abnormal or irregular heart rate, also known as arrhythmia, after a heart attack. The sooner that Ozone Therapy is received the better. When patients quickly receive treatment, and it is received frequently, the more they reduce the risk
of a repeat heart attack.

5. Helps the Body Detox

No matter the amount of precautions we take, toxins are essentially unavoidable. They are everywhere! Toxins can have adverse effects on the human body and the way it functions from its ability to heal itself to fighting off infection. That being said, there are steps we can take to fight back against toxins. The first way is improving our diet, and watching what we put into our bodies. Another way is by receiving regular ozone treatments. Ozone has been shown to speed up metabolism and improve overall health.

6. Heals Chronic Wounds

A number of studies have suggested that regular Ozone Treatments may play a vital role in treating chronic wounds. Ozone Therapy has effectively been used on diabetic patients to help ulcers that have developed on their feet and legs. Additionally, people who have suffered from painful mouth ulcers have found reduction and relief through Ozone Therapy.

7. Pain Relief

Experts have predicted that 75-85% of people will suffer from back pain at some point in their life. Back Pain is one of the most common reasons for a doctor’s visit. It costs Americans approximately $50 billion in healthcare costs each year. Can Ozone help? You guessed right, it does. Health experts found that the ozone treatment’s anti-inflammatory properties can provide relief to back pain sufferers.

8. Repaired Stem Cells

Stem Cells are constantly working to produce cells throughout the entire human body. These provide aid to the heart, brain, nerves, and many other working parts of the body. Recent evidence shows that Ozone Therapy can improve a cell’s ability to reactivate, which leads to quicker and better repair of broken cells.

9. Cell Oxygenation

Tissue death occurs when your tissues don’t have enough access to oxygen. People who suffer from Anemia have a higher risk of Hypoxia. Hypoxia can occur in areas such as the lungs during an asthma attack throughout the entire bloodstream. Ozone Therapy may help select hypoxic tumors alongside chemotherapy and radiotherapy because it has the ability to provide the body with oxygen that is readily available.

10. Healthier Skin

In recent years, people have used ozone therapy as a way to improve their skin. As mentioned previously, Ozone Therapy makes oxygen readily available to all cells including skin cells. The increased oxygenation through Ozone Therapy helps the cells recover and repair. The additional antioxidant properties can increase collagen and elastin activity which can lead to improved and rejuvenated skin.


Adding UBI (ultraviolet blood irradiation) to your ozone can increase the effectiveness. After your blood is infused with the ozone it then goes through ultraviolet light to kill pathogens.


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