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Thermography & Breast Cancer Detection

Thermography or Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging (DITI) is a screening tool for physiologic cellular health. It’s a non-invasive, radiation-free test that uses infrared imaging to perform a full body scan. It is most commonly used for Breast Cancer screenings where the equipment has an FDA 510k clearance for possible early detection but ideally prevention of cancer and other diseases.  The scan detects physiological changes in the body that are a response to disease or pathology, such as abnormal vascular activity and inflammation. By identifying hot spots or cold spots in the body you may be able to take steps, either through further diagnostic testing or changes in diet and lifestyle, to heal your body and eliminate inflammation.

Thermography produces an infrared image that shows the patterns of heat and blood flow near the surface of the body.  This is very different than other modalities such as Mammography, MRI, and ultrasounds that are useful for anatomical or structural analysis. Those tests look at what’s happening in the body that can be seen such as a cyst or a tumor. Thermography looks at the heat discrepancies in your body.

Thermography may detect disease years before it manifests in symptoms or sever health problems in some cases. You can receive a breast only scan, a health profile, or full body imaging.

Early detection saves lives! Don’t delay, see if there’s room for improvement in your health today.


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Dr Shannon was amazing! This was my first time – she made me feel comfortable, helped me understand and amazed me with all she could find about my health without sharing much with her. I will be back!

Jenna T., via Google

I went to see Erin for electrodermal screening. My biggest concern was anxiety, focus, and concentration. Erin was very informative and took her time explaining every step. I purchased a few supplements after the screening and I am very excited to see where this takes me.

Ashley D., via Google

Dr. Shannon was amazing! It was my first time seeing her. I hadn’t been to a chiropractor in 2 plus years. She examined my body and applied appropriate pressure where needed. I left feeling the best I’ve felt in months.

Samuel C., via Google

Dr. White has helped me so much with all the symptoms that go along with Lyme’s disease and its co-infections. My extreme fatigue is nearly gone and my energy level is better than it has been in years! All of the muscle aches and joint pain that were so debilitating over the last few years are so much better! I feel like a new person at the age of 47! So grateful to Dr. White!

Julie S., via Google